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fataldiz The band just keeps on making wonderful music! Great performance with kind of new taste concerning the band's style. Highly recommended! Go and see them live!! NOW!!
yoyolanda thumbnail
yoyolanda Lulu was my nick name as a child. The lyrics in this song really speak to me and the sound is beautiful. Favorite track: Lulu.
Weeble Wobble
Weeble Wobble thumbnail
Weeble Wobble Wonderful rock music. Favorite track: Saint John.
jeanre thumbnail
jeanre Honest and clear and sexual. The title track of this amazing album demonstrates the band's adaptability and continuous movement towards something exciting and unheard of. Favorite track: Makena.
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iptamenos3 The truth is I had to listen to this album a couple of times before I liked the -for my taste- licked and jazzy (at times almost cheesy) character of some songs.
But I did and now I am playing it over and over again.. Favorite track: Lulu.
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released December 1, 2016

Album ships out around 25 of December.


Co-written by Lefteris Volanis and Vasilis Dokakis.
"Sonnee" written by Dimitris Pagidas.

Arranged by No Clear Mind.
Produced by Vasilis Dokakis.
Engineered by Vaggelis Moschos and No Clear Mind.
Mixed by Vasilis Dokakis.
Additional Mixing and Production Design by Vaggelis Moschos.
Mastered by John Christodoulatos at Sweetspot Studios.
Artwork by Ifigeneia Vasileiou.
Cover Sketch by Vasilis Dokakis.

Performing in this album:

Vasilis Dokakis:
Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Synthesizers, Programming, Drums.

Lefteris Volanis:
Guitars, Vocals, Percussion.

Dimitris Pagidas:
Synthesizers, Hammond Organ, Programming, Drums, Guitars.

Kostas Haliotis:
Drums, Percussion.

Dimitris Patsaros:
Tape machines, Percussion .

Guests performances:
Bass guitar on ‘Silence’ by Babis Theoharis
Additional drums on ‘Saint John’ by Stephanos Chytiris.

All lyrics and vocals by Vasilis Dokakis.
Lyrics and vocals on “Lulu" by Lefteris Volanis.
Lyrics on “Sonnee" by Dimitris Pagidas.

Recorded live in the "Makena" stone barn in Mani Peloponnese, WayOut Studios London UK, Again Studios Epidaurus and a little house in Mets.

This album would not be possible without the kindest hospitality of Eva Vlasopoulos and the skills and determination of Vaggelis Moschos.

No Clear Mind would like to thank our families and friends for their unconditional support.
Special thanks to Philipos Kaponis,Thodoris Polychronopoulos, Timos Veremis, Dimitris Kourtis, Sofia Sarri, Giorgos Tsolis, Marilisa Rendl, Violeta Sarafianou, Electric Litany, Plastic Flowers. This album is dedicated to you.

This album was co-produced by Lefteris Volanis and Vasilis Dokakis
Copyright No Clear Mind 2016.



all rights reserved


No Clear Mind London, UK

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Track Name: In June
In June

(Inspired by ''SALVATORES DEI'', Nikos Kazantzakis)


Hear it calling? Hear the voice?
Someone’s shouting, through the noise
It’s calling you to sing, For no one
it’s asking you to hope, Of nothing
Oh of nothing, to be free

The mind will yield
When the hearts will lead
To gaze the sides of nothing with no fear

We’re sweat and tears
We’re mud and dreams
The universe is swirling deep within
Track Name: Lulu


Close your eyes
Feel the warm lasting trace
Of your smile

With grace
With gentle ways light the dream
Take the pain out of sight

Feel the hope freely flow
And you will shine
You will shine

With grace
Fall like a stone, breath the air
There’s no time
No time
Track Name: Big Thing
Big Thing


I’m by your side
But you don’t own me girl
Strange how you come around
The minute you feel frail

Yet I’m holding on
Oh oh oh

Cause when we sing along
Oh oh oh

I am all the light you’ll find
Crawling in your night
I take care of you
But you won’t treat me right

Can you feel me now
In your heart?

Will you stay along
Or is it too much for you to bare?

Raindrops falling round your tides of blue
But you don’t, want to sing along, do you?
Real love, even makes the sun change hue.

Real love, even makes the sun change hue.
And I hold on, just to sing along with you
And I hold on, just to sing along with you

Won’t you sing along with me?
Track Name: Saint John
Saint John


Swept by the sea
Swept by the sea and I
Don’t know my name
I’m theirs to claim
Salt burns the skin
They started singing
Sirens make me sway

I fantasize
You’re in the air I breath
A sun in your stare
I float in your hair
Your heart stirs the waves
The currents will shift and
Place me in saint john

Feels like sinking in serenity
Drifting where your heart will have me drift

I open up my arms to taste
Your warm sweet and quiet embrace
Track Name: Silence We Create
Silence We Create


Hard to look away
Cause the slightest move would break
The echo of your smile
In the silence we create

Linger in the dark
Falling in and out of sight
Silently we dive
In what could be our only night

Time will circle us around
To feel the warmth of our embrace

I slide by your side, and wait
When all that we hold inside, will break

We feel
Track Name: Starless Night
Starless Night


Starless night, I wonder when you will
Throw your veil, around me
What I’ll sing, moving closer
Will I have seen? Seen you coming

Trace your fears, and you will find
What we’ve missed in our lives
I don’t know where to find
The whole in every little part

What we see and all we taste
All we sense and all we feel
Every truth that comes our way
Is only a leap away from here

Turn your fears, and always find
What we’ve missed in our lives
Would you not dare to try
The rose that blooms, a cloudy sky

Now’s the time and I just know
If we act, we could breath
Let our lives, fill with light
Before the veil covers our eyes

Open up, I just know
If we act, we could dream
Follow light and watch it rise
Before the veil covers our eyes.
Track Name: Sonnee


Can I keep my pace?
Walking funny lines of past
Do you ever hear me then?

I will loose your trace
Still the time is running out
And I hope you understand
Track Name: Makena


Want to tell you so much but nothing comes through
Strange how words get hollow when the body is moving
Freedom of motion followed by freedom of mind
In the end we don’t really have to try

Where do we go, where do we go from here?

Break this numbing silence with a big shout
Chase a tiny rainbow and let it lead the way
Rules and desires washed out and cleansed by the rain.
Their great expectations will have to wait

Where do we go, where do we go from here?

All we need is finding a dream to follow
A warm smile in the morning and a place in the sun
Eyes that connect people emotions and minds
Notions that bloom through the seasons come rain or come shine

Where do we go, where do we go from here?
Track Name: No Man Is An Island
No Man Is An Island


No man is an island but this is how I feel
Season after season
Year after year
This how it goes
This is how it’s been

I’ve seen the nights you shimmer in the purple light of moon
Seen you angry in the winter
Peaceful, calm in June
Heard you roaring, heard you whisper
In and out of tune
And I hold and I hold and I hold and I hold

There’re so many secrets hiding deep inside
I cannot cross the red line where our worlds collide
Always there, I’m waiting the turning of the tide
Moving closer in the fall, though I know there’ll be a rise

But there’s a haunting whisper, a distance that won’t bend
You surround me, you define me, I am fixed, you have no end
Looking out at the horizon, where you curl and then move on
and I hold and I hold and I hold and I hold

Stare right at the Sun
And wonder why
Why it’s so high

You know, He’s the one, and I
I don’t know where to hide
Track Name: Way Out
Way Out


Stare right at the Sun
And wonder why
It’s so high

You know
He’s the one
And I don’t know
Where to hide

All I can hope
Is to sing along with you A
ll I can hope
Is to sing along with you

Follow you inside